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Our Team.


Kalman Censor joined Norman Bobrow and Co. Inc. in 2000. As a respected senior member of the company, Kalman has proven himself to be a talented, motivated and determined broker who works persistently to get the job done in the best manner possible. Constantly demonstrating his devotion, dedication and enthusiasm on behalf of his customers, Kalman has earned three times the “Broker of the Year” award, Norman Bobrow and Co. Inc.’s highest honor, and has been honored with other distinguishable brokerage awards four times.

Kalman has been successful at completing numerous deals involving clients from many industries. He has, as well, been quite effective at negotiating the sales of several office buildings. Kalman has completed deals with Extell Development Company, Elo Group LLC, The Feil Organization, Silverstein Properties, Solil Management, Optimum Properties and Moinian Group in each case representing his tenant to the fullest ability.

Kalman, a son of parents who fled Nazi Europe, grew up in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan. Upon entering adulthood, he attended Beth Medrosh Govoha of Lakewood, New Jersey where he was ordained as a Rabbi. Kalman’s tenacity and determination is well known in the industry and his drive has helped achieve the best deal for his customers throughout his career.

Kalman Censor

(212) 682-0522 / (914) 629-7629

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