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Sometimes buying a building or commercial condo makes more sense than leasing space.

Real Estate Purchase

For some organizations, a commercial real estate purchase can yield financial benefits that you can’t get with leasing. You lock in your monthly payment, reap ongoing tax benefits, and capture the gains of appreciating real estate values—all while customizing the space to your exact needs and wants.


Through rigorous analysis, we run the numbers to determine whether you’re better off leasing or buying. When buying is in your best interest, we oversee and guide you through every step of process—from negotiating the most advantageous purchase terms, to navigating due diligence and securing financing, to understanding the nuances of your particular property, and more.


If condo board approval is required, we work hand-in-hand with you to prepare your board packet, saving you time and stress. Trust that we leave no stone unturned—and no advantage left on the table.

Find out if a purchase is right for you.

Explore our other services

Explore our other services


Renew. Get what you’re entitled to—and stay in your landlord’s good graces, too.


Move into a space that’s a better fit for your business.


Position your property to attract the perfect subtenant as quickly as possible.


Grow with an addition, modification, lease takeover, or space swap.

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