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Subleasing in NYC can be tricky. We know the ins and outs.


Your space should meet your needs. And those needs can change. When they do, sub-leasing can offer significant benefits to your balance sheet. Whether you sublease your space, or become a sub-tenant yourself, the end result is the same: more favorable business conditions.


Sublease your space


It’s a domino effect: Position properly, and you command interest. Command interest, and you secure options. Secure options, and the deal is done quickly and on terms that make you smile.


When evaluating potential subtenants, we insist on stability, strong credit, and impeccable references. As your advocates, it’s our job to ensure the stability of your incoming subtenant—so you aren’t on the hook for rent.


Our strong planning and communication practices help prevent hiccups down the road, alleviating the liability from your books quickly, confidently, and securely.


Become a subtenant


What space is most advantageous for your business? When opportunity presents itself, we act fast. The right space for you may not be “your own.” It may be a sublease.


We help you evaluate options—options that may not be obvious at the onset, but that can be perfect for your situation at this specific time. We ask questions, clarify your needs, and then tailor our approach to find the right solution for your organization..


With crystal clear requirements in hand, we scour the market, think creatively, and negotiate sharply to secure you the best value. Our team stops short of nothing to place you at the intersection of cultural fit and incredible economics—to catapult your business forward.  

Explore our other services

Explore our other services


Renew. Get what you’re entitled to—and stay in your landlord’s good graces, too.


Move into a space that’s a better fit for your business.


Grow with an addition, modification, lease takeover, or space swap.

Real Estate Purchase

Commercial condo. Office building. Realize the gain of appreciating real estate and potential tax savings.

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