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There’s more to expansions than more space.


A good commercial real estate expansion isn’t just about getting more space. It’s about positioning your organization for future success. And since every organization is different, the best deal is one that reflects the unique and nuanced needs of the organization itself.

So first we talk strategy. Are you seeking to create a new market? Court an acquisition? Accommodate more people, more equipment, or more lines of business? Once we have a complete picture of your long-term objectives, we explore every option, including:  


Find an ideal subtenant and relocate


Move into a new space within your current building


Add contiguous space to your existing location


Identify a landlord to relocate you, while assuming your current liability

Along the way, we protect you against common expansion pitfalls, whether that’s getting pressured into multiple leases with different end dates (it happens more often than you’d think), or agreeing to a less-than-ideal situation when your landlord tries to convince you it’s “good enough.”


At the same time, we identify and capture you every possible advantage, from tax base years to early termination options, landlord-funded build-outs to preferential rents—and leave no concession unconsidered.


Here’s the bottom line: Every landlord would love to have a growing tenant in their building. Let us use our data, experience, and skill to leverage that truth to your full and lasting benefit.

Get us in your corner.

Explore our other services

Explore our other services


Renew. Get what you’re entitled to—and stay in your landlord’s good graces, too.


Move into a space that’s a better fit for your business.


Position your property to attract the perfect subtenant as quickly as possible.

Real Estate Purchase

Commercial condo. Office building. Realize the gain of appreciating real estate and potential tax savings.

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