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Our Team.


As a New York City native, and a seasoned real estate professional, Andre Stanley is one of Norman Bobrow & Co’s most trusted commercial real estate brokers. Andre’s sales consistently rank in the top 10% of all of Norman Bobrow & Co deals in the NYC area, which led him to earn the prestigious honor of closing Norman Bobrow’s largest commercial deal of the year in 2018.

Prior to becoming a trusted industry professional Andre attended St. John’s University in Queens, New York, from where he received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management. During his time at St. John’s University, Andre not only excelled in his academics with a 3.2 grand point average; he also stood out as a collegiate athlete in basketball as a three-year starter and team captain. Post-college, Andre played professional basketball for the United States Basketball League, American Basketball Association, and various European leagues.

Once Andre retired from professional basketball, he returned to New York City in pursuit of commercial real estate opportunities. Andre joined Norman Bobrow & Co., Inc. as a leasing consultant and broker. He has represented many tenants since being here and some of his clients include Unite Us, AMG Nursing, Community Counseling & Meditation, HappyFamily, Kargo, WCD Group, Amicorp Group, Kiwi Partners, and Harborview Capital Management. Andre’s expertise and experience have made a giant footprint in the commercial real estate market. Andre's ability to listen and understand his client's needs has allowed him to continuously achieve his client’s goals and expectations. His charismatic and professional character has allowed him to build and maintain solid relationships. With 11 years of industry knowledge and experience, Andre strives every day to exceed his client expectations

Despite his busy schedule, Andre finds time to give back to his community by volunteering his time and money to support numerous charities and causes, such as the Riverside Church and New Heights Youth, Inc. as well as the Navy Yard Boys & Girls Club.

Let's work as a team and make your goals a reality.

Andre Stanley

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